Welcome to Jewel’s world of…Whatever!
Introducing you to Jewel Clark…of Bethel, Maine…singer, songwriter, artist…who often yodels, like her Dad, Yodeling Slim Clark! She feels it’s important to make this distinction as there are definitely others named “Jewel”, even “Jewel Clark” …it’s evidently a popular name.
Regardless, THIS particular Jewel refers to this site as her electronic business card and invites you to explore...hoping you find “whatever” you may wish to know. If you have any questions, feel free to contact her at jewelyodel@yahoo.com ENJOY!

Check out her new yodeling cd and RINGTONE YODELS by clicking on the music link.
Her bio will give you some more info, if you're curious....
The art link will show you some of her beautiful murals and paintings
And the Whatever link will lead you to other sites with videos of Jewel, photos, and more.

To hear "Bein' a Cowboy" from "Yodelin' Live at The Outlook" click on the "play" arrow

More music and art links coming soon too, so check back...or ~whatever!~

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